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Lakkadi View Point   Pookot Lake
Distance from Kalpetta (17Kms)
Lakkadi gateway to Wayanad , Lakkadi provides a panoramic view of the misty mountains, lofty peaks, gurgling streams, chilling climate, and luxuriant forests add magic to the journey up the winding roads to this hill station. The dale,Lakkadi nestled among the hills of Vythiri taluk has the highest average rainfall in Kerala and second highest degree of rainfall in India. Lakkadi view point is home to some of Kerala’s exotic destinations. Lakkadi is famous for its green landscape and believe to be a treasure trove of tropical flora and fauna. Enjoy the nature beauty and indulge in some of the amazing natural scenery in the laps of Mother Nature.
  Distance from Kalpetta (13Kms)
This natural lake surrounded by hills and meadows provides an excellent picnic spot or opportunity for a relaxing boat ride or fishing expedition. The fresh water lake nested above wooded hills is the only one of its kind in Kerala. Boating, Kayaking facilities, children’s park, a handicrafts and spices emporium and a fresh water aquarium are among the facilities available here. Thick bushes and tall trees along the path round the lake give a calm spiritual atmosphere. Different types of boats are available for boating here.
Chain Tree   Banasura Dam
Distance from Kalpetta (15Kms)
This large Ficus tree, bound by a prominent chain is the source of a dramatic local legend. As the tale goes, an Adivasi youth named Karinthandan was instrumental in guiding a British Engineer through the difficult mountain terrain into Wayanad. Eager to take credit for the discovery, the engineer conveniently killed his guide, whose soul according to the legend constantly haunted subsequent travellers. It is further believed that a priest chained the troublesome spirit onto this tree.
  Distance from Kalpetta (20 Kms)
Considered to be the largest earth dam in India which is 20 Kms north east of Kalpetta situated at Padinjarathara. A mini hydel project with the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia is being built here. The Banasura project precincts are an ideal starting point for treks to the Banasura Peak. An interesting feature is a set of islands that were formed when the reservoir submerged the surrounding areas. Boating Facility is available in the reservoir area. The cruise through the reservoir in the dam sometimes provides a rare and splendid opportunity to see a diverse wildlife like herds of wild elephants samba deer etc. The tribal hamlet at the foot of the Banasura Hill has been in existence for centuries. You can visit this tribal settlement, which is less than 10kms from the dam
Chembra Peak   Soochipara Waterfalls
Distance from Kalpetta (18 Kms)
At 2100 metres above mean sea level, the spectacular Chembra Peak located towards the southern part of Wayanad is the tallest summit in the region. The blue eyed water in the lake at the top of the hill never dries up even in the peak of summer. All along the steep and slippery way to the top of the hill, the whispering of the flowing spring which sprouts from the top of the hill accompanies the tourist. Climbing this peak is a challenging endeavor and would take a full day. Climbing this peak is a challenging mountaineering endeavour and would take a full day. Camping on the peak is an unforgettable experience. An ideal place for mountain trekking destination
  Distance from Kalpetta (22 Kms)
Waterfall can be seen from a far which is a beautiful view. These waterfalls are an endless natural splendor amidst dark and deep woods. To reach the waterfall, one has to trek down 2kms through dense equatorial forest over steep rocks. This breathtaking spectacular water falls from 100 FT to 300ft heights is the uniqueness. Another attraction of the place is the tree top huts which will give a unique view of the valley of the Western Ghats.
Meenmutty Waterfalls   Kanthanpara Waterfalls
Distance from Kalpetta (30 Kms)
Meenmutty Falls is a three-tiered waterfall with a height of 300 metres. Meenmutty Falls, the largest and most spectacular waterfall in the Wayanad District. To reach this fall, one has to trek down steep hills through jungle. It is Kerala’s second largest waterfall and the one most unspoiled in its natural setting. Each of its three tiers requires a separate hike through a moist, deciduous forest. The path is quiet dangerous and tiresome, but the waterfalls is worth it.
  Distance from Kalpetta (37 Kms)
Relatively smaller than soojipara waterfall and rather less frequented, though it tends to dry up during summer, its lovely place to visit. Kanthanpara and its surroundings are nonetheless very pleasant. An easy hike away from the main road, it is perfect for picnic.
Pakshipathalam   Tholpetty & Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuaries
Distance from Kalpetta (75 KM)
Located deep within the forest in the Brahmagiri hills at an altitude of more than 1700 mts, Pakshipatalam is a formation of large boulders, some as tall as two storey buildings. The deep caves found here are home to a wide variety of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants.
  Distance from Kalpetta (Tholpetty-50 KM & Muthanga- 35Km)
Wayanad has two main wildlife sanctuaries – (Tholpetty and Muthanga Range) A vast area of 345 wildlife sanctuaries shares borders with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka wildlife sanctuaries ( Nagarahole, Bandipur & Mudumalai sanctuaries.)Dry deciduous forest, high shoals and wet grasslands add to the diversity of the sanctuary. Sanctuaries of Wayanad shelter a variety of wildlife including many endangered species. Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary is 50 Km and Muthanga wildlife sanctuary 35 Km from Kalpetta. The elephant safari and jeep safari through the sanctuary is permitted. The best time to visit the reserve forest is between November to March. These reserves are home to Tiger, Leopard, Panther, Elephants, Bear, Bison, Gaurs, Sambas, Monkeys, Deer, Grizzled squirrels, Snakes & many more.
Muthanga Wildlife Reserve   Jain Temple- Sulthan Bathery
Distance from Kalpetta ( 30Km)
Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is an animal sanctuary in Wayanad spread over a vast area. Muthanga is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Region. It is a rain forest reserve connected to two other major sanctuaries: Bandipur National Park (103kms.) in Karnataka and Mudumalai Sanctuary (123kms.) in Tamil Nadu. It is on the National High way along Mysore to Sultan Battery. These reserves are home to Tiger, Leopard, Panther, Elephants, Bear, Bison, Gaurs, Sambas, Monkeys, Deer, Grizzled squirrels, Snakes & many more. The elephant safari and jeep safari through the sanctuary is permitted. The best time to visit the reserve forest is between November to March.
  Distance from Kalpetta ( 24Km)
Jain temple Wayanad is an important tourist spot for Jains and multi cultural guests. This is an excellent piece of Jain architecture. Jain temple Wayanad is also known by the name Ananthanatha swami temple. This temple is one of the most important amongst a series of Jain ruins spread across the state of Kerala, testify to a period of a strong Jain presence in this region. Believed to have been built in the 13th century, it served as a Hindu shrine, an important for centre for commercial activity and eventually as a battery (ammunition store) for Tipu Sultan’s marching armies.
Muniyara   Uravu
Distance from Kalpetta ( 28KM)
Excavations at various points around the foot of the Ambukuthi Hill have unearthed a distinctive series of ancient burial vaults commonly called Muniyaras. The Muniyara situates in Andikavala near Ambukuthi hills in Sulthan Bathery proves that an advanced civilisation that existed in the mountains in stone ages too. These caves are made of huge rocky slabs. The view inside the cave is very exciting. Remnants of Stone Age tools and pottery found within these cellars are now displayed at the Wayanad Heritage Museum.
  Uravu is an NGO that works in the area of indigenous sciences and technology. They run a successful bamboo crafts design and production centre along with a bamboo nursery.
Uravu has a whole range of functional and decorative products created out of this wonderful material found so abundantly in Wayanad. You can view and shop for products at their sales outlets, one at Thrikkaipetta and another at Pookote Lake.
Paingatteri Agraharam   Pazhassi Raja’s Tomb
This is a settlement of Tamil Brahmins organised in the classic architectural typology of row houses. There is a settlement of Tamil Brahmins situated about 7 km from Mananthavady, Their ancestors are believed to have come from Thanjavur in Tamilnadu principally as cooks to the royal household of the Kottayam dynasty. The rural and quaint ambience at the Agraharam attracts a lot of visitors and they can also see a temple on the premises of the Agraharam.   Pazhassi Raja, a scion of the Kottayam royal family was one of the earliest to strike the banner of revolt against British overlordship in this part of India.

Taking refuge in the Wayanad hills, he resorted to classic techniques of guerrilla warfare against superior British forces. He remained successful for a remarkably long period until finally the English brought in heavy reinforcements from Madras and Bombay.
This Lion of Kerala was downed in a ferocious encounter that took place at Mavilanthode in the last days of 1805. Pazhassi’s tomb marks the point where he was cremated.

Valliyoorkavu Temple   Papanasini, Thirunelli
Distance from Kalpetta 924km)
Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathi Temple is a spiritual destination situated at Wayanad. This temple dedicated to the Mother Goddess, manifest in the 3 principal forms of Vana Durga, Bhadrakali and Jala Durga is an important place of worship for various tribal communities in Wayanad. Every year a 15 day festival is held in March/April. The name of the famous festival is Valliyoorkavu Festival.
Kalamezhuthu, which is a traditional sacrament, is performed during the nights of Valliyoorkavu Festival. On the last day of the festival we can enjoy varieties of folk art forms of Kerala. The musical instruments like percussion instruments are used during the dances performed by tribes in this festival. This vivid festival of Wayanaddisplays different dance and art forms of native Kerala
  Thirunelli Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu on the side of Brahmagiri hill in Kerala. The temple is at an altitude of about 900m in north Wayanad in a valley surrounded by mountains and beautiful forests. It is 32 km away from Manathavady. A short walk from Thirunelli temple is the clear mountain spring known as Papanasini. Emanating from the heart of Brahmagiri flowing through roots, leaves and flowers of ancient trees and medicinal herbs, Papanasini is a holy mountain stream accessible around 1 km northwest of the temple premises. A ritual dip here is believed to wash one away of all worldly sins. It is further believed that Papanasini is the confluence of the rivers Ganges and Saraswathy


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